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Vanishing Point

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

April - June 2018

Exhibition statement:

Consuelo Cavaniglia, Ellen Dahl, Yvette Hamilton, Taloi Havini, Salote Tawale

Echoing the illusion of parallel lines at their vanishing point, this artist led exhibition considers the island as a concept where opposing ideas converge - contained yet contingent, real yet imagined, the political and the personal. The island as the notion of the definitive edge. An unreachable space or idea. Or just a mirage - a trick of the light.


Coexisting as a haven from the prevailing paradigm of the ‘mainland’, and a sovereign territory of containment, the island is a construct of time and space that exists outside of the ‘real world’. The works in Vanishing Point aim to cast light upon the liminal territory that exists between the dualities inherent in the island.


Each of the five artists in this culturally diverse group references the photographic or utilizes the lens in production, and it is through this apparatus that the island is viewed. Through the telescopic capabilities of the lens, the artists draw close and pull back, oscillating their vision from detail to whole - from proximal examinations of the socio/political island state, to distant explorations that address the island as a repository for longing and illusion. From these multiple viewpoints the works move towards a collective mapping of the island concept that reveals compelling conversations about identity, vision and space.

Words on Vanishing Point:

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