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At the Edge of Place

Light Matter / Australian Centre for Photography

Sydney August - September 2019

All Things are Water / The LockUp

Newcastle January 2020

At the Edge of Place sees a body of water transformed into a site of contamination. There is a stillness to this work: any flow or current has been cauterised, so the sickly green and black water sits in lethargic pools. This stasis is also apparent in Dahl’s construction of At the Edge of Place. Consisting of a selection of photographs of a human-made lake in Tasmania and its surrounding environment, Dahl has overlapped and merged each of these still frames together. The result is a video work that is less about motion and more about the subtle juxtapositions of multiple exposures. In focusing on a landscape marked by human intervention (refuse, decay and scars), Dahl highlights how ideas of ‘wilderness’ and ‘Nature’ exist only in our imagination.

Naomi Riddle, all things are water  2020​

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