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Four Days before Winter

(work in progress)

Late 2019 I travelled to the Norwegian arctic archipelago of Svalbard, wanting to explore the dark aesthetics/poetics of this exposed barren landscape. There was a heightened awareness of time, working to capture these images right at the cusp of winter, knowing that the landscape would soon be blanketed in snow. While this site is renowned for its pristine nature and projection of deep time, the stain of human activity and resource extraction is concurrently intuited across its glacial topography.


Upon my return, I invited writer/poet Hannah Jenkins to write poetic responses to my work from Svalbard. While the project is still on-going, two of these responses, VALLEY and A Glacier Leaves a Deep Cut, were presented together with some of my images in  Altering the Edges, at PhotoAccess April 2021.

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